Harlandale ISD kicks-off new school year

Summer break came to an end Monday morning as school buses and cars filled with wide-eyed students pulled up to Harlandale ISD campuses for the first day of school.  

The rainy morning weather didn’t dampen the day as teachers and administrators were on hand to greet students with umbrellas.

Once inside, the halls of schools across Harlandale ISD were bustling with activity. Some students ran to reunite with friends, while others were excited to see old teachers.  

Harlandale ISD’s youngest students, however, tightly held on to their parents. Some were able to keep their emotions together, while others broke down into a sea of tears.  

They weren’t the only ones crying though. Teary-eyed parents were seen lingering behind and peeking through closed-doors to make sure their little ones were going to be okay.  

Teachers did their best to comfort their crying students and soon enough the youngsters were making new friends.

Older students were pumped to be back in school as soon as they arrived. They sported new back packs, sneakers and fresh hair-cuts to kick-off another great school year.

Now that all 15,000 students and 2,000 staff members are back on board, Harlandale ISD is ready to reach new heights. 

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First Day of School
Uploaded: 23 August, 2016

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