HISD police chief completes leadership series

Harlandale ISD Police Chief Michael Ramirez recently completed the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute’s Texas Police Chief’s Leadership Series under the sponsorship of Sam Houston State University Criminal Justice Center.

The institute develops the analytical, administrative and executive skills of current and future law enforcement administrators and executives in Texas.

Chief Ramirez has been at the helm of the Harlandale ISD Police Department for five years and prior to that he served as a Harlandale ISD police officer for more than 20 years. 

As the head of the department, he makes it a point to attend leaderships training sessions at least once every two years.

“This series is great because it has several different modules that teach us about leadership skills, how to deal with the budget and department management,” Chief Ramirez said.

The training was held in San Marcos for a total of 40 hours in five days. Although Chief Ramirez has been in the industry for more than two decades, he said the modules are very beneficial because they help him stay up to date on new laws and he gets to learn from other police chiefs.

“You get a lot of good ideas from different chiefs,” Ramirez said. “There were chiefs from all over the state and some had 50 years of experience, those are the guys that I stuck with.”

After successfully completing the series, Chief Ramirez talked with his staff about his experience and how they can improve the department.

Way to go, Chief Ramirez! 

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