Jewel Wietzel Center celebrates partnerships and success

Jewel Wietzel Center celebrates partnerships and success
Posted on 05/26/2017

The Jewel Wietzel Center had many reasons to celebrate on May 25.

A special luncheon was held in honor of Wietzel Center students graduating, students exiting the HOPS program and the many community business partners. 

Each student had an opportunity to shine in front of their family members, peers and staff.

After the student recognitions, representatives from businesses that partner with the HOPS program received tokens of appreciation.

“We celebrate our business partnerships with our community partners and with our district campuses, which is our initiative this year,” JWC Principal Jennifer Bernal-Tamaren said.

HOPS students received job training at Schulze, Adams, Morrill, Kingsborough and Leal throughout the year and they are hoping to expand next year.

Overall, the Jewel Wietzel Center had a very successful year.

“I’m so incredibly proud of my students and of my staff,” Tamaren said. “This could not be possible with the staff, they truly are servants and they truly have a heart for our students.”

Congratulations, Jewel Wietzel Center!
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