Singing zoologist visits Morrill Elementary

Singing zoologist visits Morrill Elementary
Posted on 11/03/2017
Singing zoologist visits Morrill Elementary

Students at Morrill Elementary received a musical surprise on Oct. 31.

Lucas Miller, a singing zoologist, performed for all students in the school’s library, where he sang about different animals and their natural habitats.

Not only was every song entertaining, but it was also educational. Miller would give a brief overview about each topic, and then he had a song or story to go with it!

Children in Pre-K to first grade learned about metamorphosis, the monarch butterfly migration and the endangered ocelots, while students in second and third grade learned about adaptations, animal defenses, food chains and the Texas ecosystems. Lastly, students in fourth and fifth grade learned about food chains, ecosystems, photosynthesis and the impact of DDT on bald eagles.

“Lucas Miller is awesome! He was able to explain science to kids in a way that makes it easy to understand,” Morrill Elementary School Teacher Librarian Desiree Benavides said. “He reviews the TEKS to ensure that he is presenting on material the students are learning. I loved this because students were excited when they could relate with what they were learning in the classroom.” 

The children sang, clapped and danced along with Miller as he performed with his guitar. He even dressed up as a bee for a fun rap song!

“Students were super excited and engaged. Learning is supposed to be fun and interactive, and I think Lucas Miller helped show students that science can be interesting while you are learning new things,” Benavides concluded.


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