Students work together to beautify Frank Tejeda Academy

Students work together to beautify Frank Tejeda Academy
Posted on 01/19/2018

Frank Tejeda Academy’s first ever Beatification Day was a success with a total of 13 students and two staff members working together on Jan. 13.

The volunteers arrived early in the morning to pull out weeds and dead foliage, as well as help replenish flour beds with much needed soil and mulch.

“We decided to provide an opportunity to allow students to regain attendance hours while doing something for our school,” Frank Tejeda Academy Principal Ricardo Salmon said. “Although most were there to regain hours, some signed up to volunteer.”

Social Worker Sally Presas helped organize the event and Director of Maintenance Kyle Blakeney provided all the equipment.

Salmon hopes this event begins a new tradition on campus as it can motivate students to participate in more school activities.   

“The students seemed to enjoy the day and were asking, ‘When can we do this again?’” he said. “When we allow them to take ownerships in their school and its appearance, it leads to pride in our school.”

The next Beautification Day will take place in March and will consist of planting new flowers and plants. 
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