Councilwoman Viagran visits Schulze ES

Second grade students at Schulze Elementary School received a special visit from District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran on Jan. 24.

Students were excited to learn about her various job duties and upcoming city projects such as new sidewalks, a dog park and bringing new businesses to the South Side.

The children listened attentively and asked different questions during her presentation. One student asked, “What is your favorite thing about being a councilwoman?”

“My number one favorite thing to do as a councilwoman is come and talk to students like you and bring improvements to the community,” she answered.

She then asked students to try and guess the city’s annual budget. After many guesses, Viagran surprised everyone when she revealed the answer: $2.3 billion.

“That is how much we have to work with to run our airport, fix our streets, for our fire and police, animal care services, to help you all and the community,” Viagran said.

Viagran also mentioned how 2018 is San Antonio’s tricentennial celebration and shared some interesting facts about the city.

Students were surprised to learn that a monkey was trained to go to space at Brooks City Base and that President John F. Kennedy delivered his last public speech in San Antonio. Viagran then revealed that the San Antonio Missions were recently declared as a World Heritage site.

“We’re the only location in the state of Texas with a World Heritage sites, which is something you should all be very proud of because they’re right in your backyard,” she told the students.

Viagran concluded her visit with a fun selfie with all the students and teachers.

Schulze Elementary Teacher Julian Garcia thanked Councilwoman Viagran for her visit and for helping his students understand the importance of city officials.

 “Our TEKS for the last lesson was government officials in the community,” Garcia said. “So, for our students to actually see, hear and speak to Councilwoman Viagran directly, it was very beneficial.”


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