Historical figures come alive at Carroll Bell Elementary

Historical figures come alive at Carroll Bell Elementary
Posted on 11/30/2018

Carroll Bell Elementary students created a Living History Museum for its annual Family Night on Nov. 28.

The museum featured some of the most influential people in history including past presidents, artists, singers and inventors.

Students completed different research assignments on the historical figure of their choice to describe their personal life and major accomplishments. They either chose to create a drama, a mock interview or an advertisement for a product their person would have endorsed.

Another part of the assignment was to imagine that there was a whole museum based on just their historical figure. They had to create a souvenir based on their historical figure that would be sold in the gift shop of that museum.  For the math portion, they had to figure out budgets based on their historical figure’s income and consider the cost, time and resources in order to make a profit. 

Parents and teachers were impressed to see so many creative souvenirs and see the children present. Whether it was a student dressed as Thomas Jefferson or Frida Kahlo, each student was prepared to show off his or her knowledge of the figure.

“It was really neat to watch the way the students brought their figures to life,” Carroll Bell Teacher Victoria Martinez said. “It takes their research a step further than looking up and memorizing facts. I really enjoyed seeing them step out of the comfort zones, and I think it’s an important experience for them at this age.”

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