Gillette Elementary hosts Family Reading and Social Studies Night

Gillette Elementary hosts Family Reading and Social Studies Night
Posted on 12/07/2018

Families enjoyed a night full of learning during Gillette Elementary School’s “Holidays around the World” Reading and Social Studies Family Night on Dec. 4.

Parents and students had fun as they “traveled” to Germany, China, Italy, Hawaii and Mexico to engage in various hands-on activities such as building a lantern, drawing a map and discovering interesting facts about each holiday celebration.

“Tonight is all about getting the kids involved and excited about reading,” Gillette Teacher Selena Alonzo said. “We also teamed up with the Social Studies Club to add the culture part of it as well and bridge the two together to show cross-curriculum between the two.”

Alonzo hopes the event provides students with an early literacy foundation that inspires them to become powerful readers, writers and thinkers.

“Literacy is the gateway to everything in life, when they want to go to college or want to get a job or a career, it all starts with the foundation of literacy,” Alonzo added. “Reading and success go hand in hand for the kids, and getting them started from the beginning is going help them find the right path towards a successful future.”

Students visited every station to get a stamp on their passport. After visiting at least four places, they were able to sample delicious foods from around the world prepared by the ACE Culinary Club.

The young chefs prepared Mexican champurrado, Italian zuppa Toscana, Chinese cold sesame noodles, German almond spritz cookies, yam apple casserole, potato pancakes and Christmas tree brownies.

While enjoying all the tasty treats, families and students enjoyed a special performance by the Gillette Spur Choir directed by Dr. Leo Zepeda Jr.

At the end of the night, students also had the opportunity to take a photo with the Grinch!

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