Important Emergency Information for Parents

Harlandale Independent School District is committed to the safety and security of students, employees and visitors at all district campuses and facilities.  To ensure the health, safety, and welfare of students, staff, and visitors in the event of an emergency, the HISD Emergency Operations Plan will be followed.

Although it is impossible to foresee all the potential emergencies, HISD has made preparations to use resources effectively to respond to unavoidable emergencies.  Through shared cooperation between parents of our students and administration, incidents for crises on our campuses can be minimized and a positive outcome reached.

Most emergencies can be safely dealt with by one of the following methods:

  • Evacuation:  removing all persons from the building to a safe distance or an alternate location.
  • Lockdown:  securing the building, keeping all persons safely inside, while restricting the movement of any persons in or out of the building.
  • HISD asks you to follow the steps below to receive guidance and updates during a school emergency:
  • Tune To Local Radio or Television Stations.  In the event of a school emergency, HISD Public Information Officer will contact the media for the purpose of broadcasting vital information.
  • Please Do Not Telephone The School.  The limited number of phone lines must be used to respond to the emergency.

What Parents Can Do:

Stay Calm and Follow Instructions.  Crisis incidents can cause great confusion and disruption; parents/guardians should follow the instructions of Police and Fire Rescue officials.  Talk with your children in advance about the need for them to follow the directions of the people in charge – their teachers, principals, Police or Fire Rescue officials.  In all cases, HISD emergency goals will be to provide the safest possible shelter for students and to communicate fully actions being taken to resolve the crisis situation.  To avoid obstructing phone lines, local media will provide the best source of information.  Access to the school may be restricted by law enforcement, phone lines must be kept open for critical communications, and school officials will be busy caring for children.  The District will initiate communications as quickly as possible.

Help Us Meet Health Needs

Keep the school supplied with any required medication and informed of any changes in your child’s health. HISD will move essential medications if we evacuate.

Stay Informed

Read this brochure, school newsletters, and the student handbook.  Know where the school’s Alternate Site and Reunification Centers are.  Ask questions if you need more information.

Be Prepared

When entering a District Campus, all you will be required to display is your driver’s license or another form of identification containing your photograph issued by a governmental entity.

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