All Harlandale ISD students have an opportunity to engage in robotics on their campus at some level, whether through an after-school program, or as part of our STEM curriculum in many of our instructional classrooms. The ability to build a mechanical device that requires specific programming and instruction in order to achieve a specific task prepares our students to think and develop just like an "Engineer."

ROBOTICS plays a large role in teaching our students the STEM-skills needed to prepare them for a future job market. Along with 21st Century Skills that are developed through team-work, collaboration, presentation, and various forms of communication, robotics students are exposed to levels of competition that require them to not only stay competitive, but also cooperative.

For more information about Robotics in Harlandale ISD, contact our STEM/GT Coordinator, Anthony Khosravi, at 210-989-4558, or email him at

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