Visual Arts

The Visual Arts offers students an outlet for creative expression, a foundation in historical and cultural awareness, and an exploration of a variety of medium. HISD roots this program in our elementary art course from which students can continue in media specific directions throughout their educational experience.

  Students at the middle school level in Harlandale ISD are exposed to a wide variety of techniques and media. From painting to sculpting, from drawing to mixed media; there are many different experiences for the middle school student. Students are instructed in the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, create unique and individual works of art, learn to talk about works of art created by others, as well as reflect on their own; and establish a foundation of knowledge and skills that will prepare them for high school art and life beyond as a consumer of art.


Students at the high school level in Harlandale ISD are able to continue art classes in sequential courses.

  • Art I - Students are reintroduced to basic strands necessary to produce artwork and are allowed to analyze artistic styles and historical periods, developing a respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures. Students can express their thoughts and ideas creatively through production of their artwork.
  • Art II, III, & IV (Drawing) - Students further develop their creative expression through original artworks. They develop and organize ideas from their environment and make informed judgements about personal artworks. Students continue to explore art history and traditions.
  • Art II, III, & IV (Painting) - Students are taught watercolor, acrylic, tempera, and mixed media techniques to produce works that reflect individual ideas and expand painting techniques.


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McCollum Art Students
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