Identification & Screening

Identifying students for Ingenium (Harlandale’s Gifted and Talented Program) is accomplished through a comprehensive identification process consisting of three steps (referral, screening, and selection).  

Referrals: Students may be referred for the gifted and talented program at any time by teachers, counselors, parents, or other interested persons, including self-nominations by the students. The referral document is available in English and Spanish and is found online on the department’s district website. 

Screening: Gifted and talented screening occurs during designated selection periods based on the student’s grade level (reference table below).


Elementary 1-5

Secondary 6-12





Screening Period

April - May 

October - December

October - December

Service Start Date

Upon Selection Committee Decision

Upon Selection Committee Decision

Upon Selection Committee Decision

GT Testing is available in English and Spanish. All students are tested at their home campus by a qualified and trained GT proctor. The screening will reflect a minimum of three (3) criteria used in the assessment.  The criteria used will be a combination of qualitative and quantitative instruments:

    • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

    • Iowa Assessments (Reading) /  (Math) / (Social Studies) / (Science)

    • Teacher Survey

Selection: The Gifted/Talented committee consists of at least three district educators. All committee members have been trained in the nature and needs of gifted students. The Gifted/Talented Committee makes a professional judgment based on the evidence provided through the screening to determine whether or not placement in the HISD Ingenium program is appropriate.  

Once the identification process is complete, parents or guardians are notified of the Gifted/Talented Committee’s decision via electronic mail within ten school days. Parents of all screened students may request a conference to examine their child’s assessment results.  

Transfer Students:

All students who have participated in gifted and talented programs prior to coming to Harlandale ISD may be considered for the Gifted/Talented Program.  Once screening records are received from the student’s previous district, the records will be examined for correspondence to Harlandale ISD’s criteria. If the transfer data is insufficient, Harlandale ISD will assess the student to see if placement in the program is in the student’s best interest.

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