Related and Instructional Services

Related Services & Providers

The support of Adapted Physical Education (APE), Auditory Impaired (AI), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), and Visually Impaired (VI) are services these specialist provide district wide, they are not designated to any campus.  

Speech Facilitator
Annie Simone
Phone: 210-989-5284

Goal: To facilitate the delivery of Speech Therapy services to enhance the educational programs of Speech Impaired students as determined by the decision of the Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee.

Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
William McGinnis
Phone: 210-9895278

Assist Instructional staff in the attainment of the district goals in adaptive physical education based on the physical and motor capabilities and limitations of students with disabilities.

Teacher of the Auditory Impaired
Lauri Daubert, AI Specialist
Phone: 210-989-5290

Provides Direct, monitoring/consultative itinerant services for children, ages 0 to 21, who have an identified auditory impairment which adversely affects their performance in the classroom, or can expect to adversely affect their performance in the classroom.

Homebound Teacher

Provides direct instruction to the student at his/her home or other site as specified by the ARD committee. These services generally include four hours of direct instruction weekly. Homebound services are designed for chronically ill students who are expected to be confined for any period of time totaling at least four weeks throughout the school year, as documented by a physician. 

Parent Trainer / In Home Trainer/Homebound Teacher
Anita Castañeda           
Phone: 210-989-5285

Promotes the transfer of learned skills and behaviors of autistic students from the school to the home environment. Trains the parents of autistic children to assist and manage their child’s behaviors and learned skills as identified by the ARD Committee, and specified in the child’s IEP goals and objectives.

Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments/Homebound Teacher
Tim Poynter
Phone: 210-989-5282

Provides direct and/or consultative special education services relating to vision loss. Services for infants (through ECI) may be provided in the infants' homes or child care settings. The students range in age from birth through 21 and may have only a visual impairment or additional disabilities. The cognitive levels of the students range from severely impaired to gifted and talented.

Transition Facilitator
Gerald Gawlik

Transition program serves parents, families and educators by offering resources on federal and state guidelines for transition services. The Transition Facilitator meets with families and community agencies in achieving student success as the students move towards high school graduation and beyond. Services include transition planning, Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals, transition assessments, post-secondary goals, self-determination, state and local agencies.

Occupational Therapist

Idalia Carrillo. OT
Phone: 210-989-5281

Mary Camman,  OTA

Provides Occupational therapy to enhance the educational programs of handicapped students as determined by the decision of the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.

Physical Therapist
Sharon Florence
Phone: 210-989-5287

Provides physical therapy to enhance the educational programs of handicapped students as determined by the decision of the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.


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