The Information Services Harlandale @2021 is a ten-year technology infrastructure & services plan composed of two phases.

Phase One
(2012-2016) accomplishments:
  • designed, created and migrated the District to a unified enterprise network platform (Microsoft) scaled to properly, securely and productively support 17,000 + users
  • embedded a secondary platform within the unified enterprise network (Apple) to address improved delivery of digital materials to support differentiated learning (iOS) and various career pathways (OSX)
  • replaced the District's copper-based infrastructure with a dark fiber backbone to better support broadband access to the Internet and to increase the overall speed of delivering services over the unified enterprise network
  • upgraded the routers, switches & cabling in every MDF/IDF, District-wide to improve the delivery of services to the campuses
  • expanded and upgraded the District's wireless segment of the enterprise network to improve support of mobile-based instruction
  • acquired and installed an enterprise-size back-up power generator for emergency fail-over
  • established a technology internship program with Palo Alto College to provide hands-on training for future technology careers in the community
  • created the basic digital classroom hardware kit including workstation/projector/document camera/interactive whiteboard
  • created and implemented the computer replacement plan (CP) to ensure a steady stream of up-to-date workstations, laptops and devices into the classroom
  • created a subsidiary domain "myhisd.net" to provide a separate focused online learning environment, a Learning Management System for teachers & students (powered by various engines including: Moodle, Gaggle and currently Google G Suite)
  • made the STEM Early College High School, tech-ready
  • introduced Voice over IP telecommunication District-wide and prepared it to integrate with other segments of the District's enterprise network
  • introduced and integrated the Skype/Lync unified communications platform into the District's enterprise network to improve communications and collaboration within the District
  • created the TECHstore to speed-up the acquisition and delivery of digital tools to the classroom
  • audited and restructured telecommunication services to realize a 50% reduction in the District's monthly charges
  • adopted the Consortium for School Networking's (CoSN) principles for establishing & maintaining a more secure and trusted digital learning environment

Phase Two
 (2017-2021) accomplishments, so far:

  • created and implemented a document digitizing and archiving system moving the District towards a paperless environment
  • designed & installed new digital live mass notification systems at each campus to upgrade PA, Intercom and Bell Scheduling along with introducing wireless clocks and integration with the District's existing Voice over IP telecommunications system to improve the flow of information and to make the campus environment more secure
  • upgraded the District-wide Visitor Management System and further leveraged the District's investment by extending it's ability to assist with tracking tardiness
  • designed and implemented an enterprise-level digital asset inventory system to better provide for accountability and tracking
  • made two new elementary campuses (Carroll Bell & Vestal), tech-ready
  • completed a makeover of the District's DataCenter, the hub of our enterprise network to provide more effective cooling ensuring against downtime failure and making more productive use of the existing space
  • integrated the Microsoft Cloud platform, office365, into the District's infrastructure

On the Phase Two horizon...

developing, testing and rolling out a District-wide single-sign-on system

integrating the District's time & attendance system with the District's absence management/substitute finder system to further assist the District in meeting staffing needs
design and implementation of a new enterprise network topology design including an upgraded backup and recovery system greatly improving network resiliency  and fiber backbone pathways
preparing the District to apply for the Trusted Learning Environment certification signifying that the school system has implemented strong, measurable and publicly available practices to help ensure the privacy of student data.

The Information Services Harlandale @2021 ​plan assists and supports the District in its endeavor to provide a high-quality education where all students graduate to become productive and successful citizens for the 21st Century.

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