‘Furry Friends’ visit Gilbert Elementary

‘Furry Friends’ visit Gilbert Elementary
Posted on 03/09/2018

Gilbert Elementary School’s “Furry Friends Club” welcomed two adorable ferrets named “Frito Pie” and “Tortilla” on March 7.

The school launched the club this past October with the help of The Humane Society and San Antonio Animal Care Services to teach students about animal behavior, how to be responsible pet owners and how to promote this as ambassadors with their peers.

The club meets every Wednesday after school, where students have had the opportunity to interact with cats and dogs from the shelter and learn about owning different pets, including fish, snakes and lizards.

During this week’s meeting, the club announced that the two ferrets will become the official ambassadors for the Animal Care Services’ education department for all students in the Bexar County area.

“Animal Care Services is using our school as a model for other schools to follow,” Gilbert Elementary Counselor Judith Pfeifer said. “We are so excited about our efforts to bring awareness to the community. Students are learning about the basic care of dogs, cats and all the other creatures that make up this world.”

The club has also began a new project called “Cardboard Critters.”

“Students are given a cardboard outline of a dog or cat and ‘adopt’ this critter, and then, decorate it and provide a loving home for it. This is to bring awareness of the many, many homeless animals that run our streets each day and need a loving home. We hope to make difference with this project,” Pfeifer concluded.

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