Adams ES students deliver adorable performances at Thanksgiving show

Adams Elementary Pre-K students put on an adorable Thanksgiving Show for parents and teachers on Nov. 16.

Wearing colorful costumes and headpieces, the students reenacted the first Thanksgiving with different song and dance performances. Proud parents looked on as their children showed off their talents and displayed great confidence.  

Adams ES teacher Richard Garcia, who was dressed as a pilgrim, helped narrate the show and expressed how performing is not only fun, but also a valuable learning experience for the students.

“We wanted them to have an idea of what the first Thanksgiving was like while also teaching them social skills where they can interact and learn about different cultures,” Garcia said. “They also learned about sharing, kindness and how to be thankful for what they have.”

The show was a success as the school’s cafeteria was filled with laughter and applause after every number, and parents were even seen recording and taking photos with their smartphone cameras.

The event was also combined with a food donation drive to benefit families in need during Thanksgiving.

“A lot of our families don’t have the things that they need for Thanksgiving, so we thought it would be appropriate for families to also share with others who are less fortunate,” Garcia added.

At the end of the show, parents stayed to hear from Adams ES teacher Diana Mancha, who presented them with online resources that they can use through apps on their own devices.  

“We trained parents on how to use these online programs at home to empower them with ideas on how to help their child at home,” Mancha said.

The ReadyRosie sends parents activities on their phones that they can use at home using real-life situations, RM (Blueprint) is a mathematics online resource and FootSteps2Brillaince is a literacy resource where parents can find books that can be read to their children.

“We would like to thank our principal Mrs. Rodriguez for the support she gives Pre-K in being able to offer our parents resources that can be provided from the school environment,” Mancha concluded.

Adams ES students deliver adorable performances at Thanksgiving show


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