Adams Elementary welcomes Dallas Cowboys mascot

Anti Bullying Rally at Adams Elementary

Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboys mascot, visited Adams Elementary Thursday afternoon to rally against bullying.

Third through fifth grade students watched and cheered as Rowdy and his friend promoted good behavior and respect.

Students learned that they can all respect each other by showing kindness and appreciation, erasing bad habits, caring about others' feelings and taking a stand by reporting all bullies.

“It is important for students to know how crucial it is to be kind and respectful to others, peers and teachers included,” Adams Elementary Social Worker Jennifer Montes said. “A little kindness can go a long way towards eliminating bullying and disrespect.”

The entertaining visit engaged all students in attendance as they participated in a teacher vs. student dance off, anti-bullying trivia and Rowdy’s anti-bullying pledge.

“I believe the students got the message that reporting bullying is something all students can do to help. Also, the idea that it is not okay to be disrespectful and rude,” Montes added. “We want all of our students to show good character in everything they do. It is in our Wolf Creed and a part of the citizenship we expect of our students every day. The rally was a fun and entertaining way to remind them of these expectations.”

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