Ann Brown named District Teacher of the Year

STEM Early College High School biology and chemistry teacher Ann Brown peered at planaria under a microscope when her classroom erupted into a sea of claps and hoorays.

Superintendent Rey Madrigal and district officials had just walked in with a flower arrangement and balloons announcing her selection as District Teacher of the Year.

Brown humbly thanked the good messengers and repeatedly gasped, “I am just stunned.”

Someone who wasn’t surprised was STEM Early College High School Principal Dr. Eddie Rodriguez.

“Ms. Brown always has the students’ hearts in mind,” Rodriguez said. “She thinks about them first, she goes above and beyond the call of duty, she has actually skyped with a teacher in Antartica during the school day and skyped with a teacher on a boat in Madagascar so that our students are able to communicate with those teachers and they can learn about what they are exploring out there in the ocean.”

In addition to teaching, Brown is the eleventh grade level chairperson, founder and co-sponsor of the Science Club and is once again facilitating the schools participation in San Antonio Water System’s IMPACT event. This year, she is also assisting the Engineering Department and students with their MATE Robotics Competition.

Brown is known for bringing science to students outside the school day. She takes her Space Club students on an annual trip to Corpus Christi to study marine biology and makes yearly trips to UT Austin’s Open House in March so that students can explore college as early as freshman year.

Brown helped open STEM Early College High School in 2014 and is teaching the school’s first Dual Credit Biology course in partnership with Palo Alto College.

She credits this recognition to her colleagues.

“We’re a team here and this means that all of the work that we do here at the school is recognized and that our students are succeeding, that’s the most important part,” Brown said. “It’s never just one person, it’s about working together.”

Congratulations, Ms. Brown!

TOY with class

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