Bus driver and monitor go the extra mile

Bus driver and monitor go the extra mile
Posted on 10/07/2016

It was a dark and foggy morning when Harlandale ISD Bus Driver Lorraine Vargas saw an unfamiliar sight at around 6:25 a.m.

Through her window, she spotted a young boy wearing pajama shorts, a shirt and untied boots. His hair was uncombed, he had chocolate smeared on his face and he was alone. Vargas immediately pulled over and her bus monitor, Martha Pesina, got off the bus to check on the child.

“He came straight to me and told me he was lost and scared,” Pesina said. “I told him everything was going to be okay and I held him, he reminded me of my grandson so I naturally came to tears.”

Vargas called the transportation dispatcher who in turn notified Harlandale Police Department about the lost boy. An officer arrived about seven minutes later and took the child. Vargas continued on her route so that the student passengers would not be late to class.

Later that morning, Harlandale Police Department notified the transportation department that the child had been returned to his family.

“Our drivers do their best to be on time, but every now and then something happens that may make them late,” Transportation Director Christopher Ramirez said. “But they do care about the students in the district and for their well-being.”

For Vargas and Pesina, pulling over and helping the child was a no brainer.

“We’ve been partners for seven year and we’ve always driven special needs students, so of course we have a special place in our hearts for children,” Pesina said. “I’m just glad we were on his path this morning.”
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