Carroll Bell celebrates Family Night

Parents and family members got an inside look at what Carroll Bell Elementary students have been working on throughout the school year on Nov. 9.

The second Family Night of the school year featured a Living Wax Museum, a flash mob and an array of activities featuring different TEKS.

“Family Nights are a really good way to let the parents know what we’re doing and to show them the creative ways that children are learning,” Roxanne Arcos, fifth grade lead teacher, explained. “It’s not just a book and a test, or a worksheet, there are different ways to allow the children to take in that wisdom.”

The Living Wax Museum was a big hit as students in third through fifth grade dressed as the character they wrote an autobiography on. Students transformed into Frida Khalo, Elvis, Prince, Amelia Earhart and many others historical figures. Each student set up a visual backboard and spoke about everything they learned regarding their characters.

Parents also had the opportunity to visit the book fair to buy books and keep the reading process going for the students after doing so much reading and research for their projects.  

Arcos added that the family night is important because it bridges the gap between the parents and the teachers.

“It allows us to really connect, to make sure that the children’s learning is the most important thing in our lives,” Arcos added.

Attendees were also treated to free pizza and to information on services offered during the school day, like Girls Inc.   

“We want the parents to know that we are trying to create a well-rounded child,” Arcos concluded. 

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