Carroll Bell Elementary student receives project funding

Carroll Bell Elementary student receives project funding
Posted on 02/03/2017

Carroll Bell’s courtyard will soon be blooming with delicious veggies for the community to try.

Fifth grade student Hailey Sosa is representing Harlandale ISD in the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program and her service project was recently selected for funding.

The Mayor’s Fitness Council, Mayor Ivy Taylor, The Baptist Health Foundation, HEB and It’s Time Texas announced her project as a recipient of $500 and an additional $200 in HEB gift cards.

Through this funding, Hailey will implement a school garden that will sprout broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, chard swiss, collards, pumpkins and any other interesting veggies she comes across.

She had originally requested $250 for her project, but now that she has been granted more than double what she was hoping for, she’ll be expanding her project and adding more seeds.

“I don’t want to go with plain vegetables that everyone eats,” Hailey explained. “I’ve got to get some in there that people don’t usually eat.”

Coach Fabian Villarreal and assistant teacher Jazzmin Mendiola will be helping Hailey make her gardening dreams come true.

Once the grant money comes in, the team will equip themselves for success. They’ll be buying soil, shovels and seeds. Next, they’ll be staying after school to plant and nurture the seeds.

As soon as the garden is up and reaping, Hailey will host tastings in an effort to introduce the community to healthy eating options. She also plans to show the community what it takes to grow and maintain a garden.

As Hailey’s mentor, Villarreal will be guiding Hailey throughout the whole process.

“We are excited for the opportunity and we’ll maintain the garden for not only this school year, but for the following years as well,” Villarreal said. “So we are excited about starting something new in the community.”

Hailey, who will be moving on to middle school, seemed to grow nostalgic at the idea of not being at Carroll Bell for the years to come. She quickly added that she’ll be visiting the garden when her siblings come back for ‘Meet the Teacher.’

Villarreal responded that she can always come back to visit the garden and added that maybe they’ll even put a plaque that reads ‘The Hailey Sosa Foundation.’

She seemed to like that idea.

Congratulations to Hailey and her team!

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