Columbia Heights celebrates annual Fall Art Exhibit

Columbia heights celebrates annual Fall Art Exhibit

Young artists showcased their creative talents to family members and staff at the fourth annual Columbia Heights Elementary Fall Art Exhibit on Dec. 6.

Several students expressed their creativity through live performances while others proudly pointed out their art pieces in a gallery. Visual artwork included metal foil art of luchador masks, festive holiday cards and watercolor portraits of popular Hispanic icons.

“I’m really proud of our students because they constantly produce high level art work, we challenge them, hold them to high expectation and they meet them regularly,” Columbia Heights Art Teacher Noe Garza said. “I love their work ethic and the way they think, they’re very original in their ideas and their technique is excellent.” 

The event also featured an interactive activity where parents and students could sit and draw on a table.

“This is a great way to unite the community and to promote the arts at the same time,” Garza added. “We are ready to go in to the New Year with a successful mindset.”

Way to go, Columbia Heights!

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