Former HHS cheerleader finds lost megaphone

When married couple Rene and Janet Muñoz visited a local market a few months ago, they never expected to find a Harlandale High School cheerleading megaphone. However, they decided to buy it to support their son during his football games.

After they took it home, the couple soon realized that the megaphone had the name of Elizabeth written on it from Class of 1993. That’s when Rene Muñoz thought that it would be a better idea to return it to its rightful owner.

“During one on my son’s games, I talked to Mr. Robert Villafranca, the Harlandale football game announcer, because I thought he might know how to look for her,” Rene Muñoz said.

Villafranca, who is well-known in the Harlandale community for having the Harlandale Indians fan site named, agreed to help and posted a photo of the megaphone on his site’s Facebook page. It only took a few hours for the original owner to be found: Elizabeth Garza Moreno.

Moreno was surprised when she received multiple messages from former classmates asking if the megaphone belonged to her.

“I looked at the photo and thought, ‘Where did it come from?’ It was just out of nowhere, I had no idea,” Moreno said. “Then, my mom started getting calls too because she also went to Harlandale.”

The couple contacted Elizabeth and finally met her at Harlandale’s Central Office this week to return the megaphone to her. Although the couple only paid $5 for the keepsake, seeing the joy on her face when then handed it to her was priceless.

“I’m just glad we were able to find her and give it back to her,” Janet Muñoz said.

Moreno had always kept her megaphone, as well as her old cheerleading uniforms, throughout the years. However, when she moved into her new home a couple of years ago, it went missing.

“I didn’t think I would ever see it again. We looked for it everywhere and couldn’t find it,” she said. “It’s so crazy how it showed up at a market. I’m so thankful that they bought it and returned it to me because they could have just walked by it and done nothing.”

Holding her old megaphone is nostalgic for Moreno, as it brings back special memories of when she was the head cheerleader of Harlandale HS.

“It was a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility. I had to choreograph everything and find the music, now everything is digital,” she said with a laugh. “We had a good group of girls and went to a lot of competitions, and we always did well. I was proud of us.”

Now, Moreno is excited to take the megaphone back home and show it to her family.

“I have an older and a younger sister, and all three of us were cheerleaders. We all had our megaphones, and I lost mine, but now I’m glad to get it back. I’m going to put it somewhere safe and maybe take it to a game next year,” Moreno concluded.

Lost Megaphone

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