Free fitness classes at HISD

Every day is a good day to make healthy choices, but the new school year is the perfect time to renew and revive new health and fitness goals.

Harlandale ISD has once again teamed up with nonprofit Health Collaborative to offer “HealthyMe,” a program which offers free group fitness classes throughout the school year.

Strength and conditioning classes will be offered at Carroll Bell Elementary every Tuesday and Thursday and Zumba Classes will be offered every Monday at Adams Elementary and every Wednesday at Wright Elementary. All four classes will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“Here at Harlandale ISD, we all feel like a family and our community is our family.  While our District resides in an area of high health risks, our community has done the unimaginable and has gone out of their comfort area to become healthy,” Dolly Armstrong, lead wellness and P.E. facilitator at Harlandale ISD, said. “The collaboration of those attending has become a tradition, and an inspiration of change that is our District’s motto.  It is critical to not only be healthy for ourselves but for our younger generations when fast food is so easily bought rather than making a healthy meal.  Our inspiration of change has made us more aware of healthy choices.”

According to Armstrong, the classes are a great opportunity for the community to live a healthier lifestyle and become more active in the long run.

“Our classes provide a nutrition component, as well as activities for us to take back to the house to get the family engaged. Our strength and conditioning classes allow you to work with a trainer that will help you establish your goals that fit your needs.  The routines do not require expensive equipment, they are established just by participating and moving in different ways to build muscle,” Armstrong said. “Each time I attend these classes, I hear a new story that’s truly amazing, a story that has been a life changer.”

The program has been a success in the past with attendance being as high as 138.

“Our collaboration is invigorating while having a great effect on our decreasing numbers for diabetes and obesity.  We couldn’t have done this without the support of the Health Collaborative, San Antonio Sports, District Leads and our awesome principals at Carroll Bell, Adams and Wright.  They have truly opened their doors to our community to help Harlandale get healthy,” Armstrong concluded. 

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       2017-18 Fitness schedule

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