Game bus visits students with high attendance

Game bus visits students with high attendance
Posted on 04/26/2018
Game bus visits Stonewall Flanders Elementary

Nearly 400 students at Stonewall Flanders Elementary School were treated to a video game party on April 23 for having a 96 percent or higher attendance rate during the last six weeks.

The Games2U bus featured 11 huge plasma screens inside and outside of the bus, where students had the opportunity to play a variety of video games for systems Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.

Students were seen dancing with their friends as they played Just Dance or competed against each other as they played Super Mario Kart.

Stonewall Flanders Assistant Principal Luis Torres was on hand to supervise the students and congratulated them for attending class.

“The kids are really excited, they’ve been anxiously waiting for the bus to come,” he said. “Dr. Smith is bringing these new incentives to motivate the kids, and we’re happy to reward them. We tell them if they miss class, it makes it harder for them to learn and be successful.”

The school also hosted a bike giveaway for students with high attendance.

Way to go, Stonewall Flanders!


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