Gamma Sigma brings girls together

Harlandale ISD girls are learning the importance of leadership and sisterhood through the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas Gamma Sigma Girls program.

The leadership development initiative combines the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with a sorority style setting targeting teen girls.

In true sorority fashion, Gamma Sigma Girls has a younger sister chapter, Gamma Sigma Pearls.

Students from Harlandale Middle School, Leal Middle School, Kingsborough Middle School, Terrell Wells Middle School and McCollum High School showed their commitment to Gamma Sigma Girls and Gamma Sigma Pearls at the annual Investiture Ceremony on Nov. 15.

As part of the ceremony, the girls recited the Girl Scouts promise, lit candles and were pinned to become part of one of the oldest female empowering organizations. 

Superintendent Rey Madrigal attended the ceremony to commend the girls for joining Gamma Sigma.

“I know how important it is for you to be self-confident, to be courageous and to be intentional in serving others,” Madrigal said. “This year the district slogan is ‘Students today, leaders tomorrow’ and I really believe that being a Gamma Sigma Girl sets you in a path to be a leader, what you receive from this organization will benefit you for a lifetime.”

Terrell Wells Middle School eight grade student Elizabeth De La Rosa is in her third year in Gamma Sigma.

“Over the past two years, Gamma Sigma has provided me an environment where I feel safe and tells me to be confident in who I am,” Elizabeth said. “I am learning everyday how to make a stronger impact everywhere thanks to Gamma Sigma.”

The organization teaches girls about advocacy, it encourages them to take action and guides them on a path toward higher education.

This year, McCollum High School Gamma Sigma Girls are focusing on community service and bonding.

“We have 60 girls right now and we want to keep those 60 girls,” said McCollum High School Gamma Sigma Girls President Karla Muzquiz.

She added that this year they are more united than ever.

“Before, everyone was in their own clique and that was not nice, so this year everyone is together,” Muzquiz said. “We get to know each other on another level and we realized that we all have the same problems and we are all here to support each other.”  

As for community service, the girls are doing a blanket drive for the homeless, they recently participated in the school-wide shoebox Christmas drive, and plan to go to hospitals to spread holiday cheer. 

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