Geekbus engages Pre-K students

Geekbus engages Pre-K students
Posted on 01/06/2017

Adams Elementary pre-kindergarten students may not know much long division and multiplication, but they do know about the benefits of 3D printers.

The youngsters were able to experience the Geekbus thanks to the Pre-K 4 SA Grant. The high-tech mobile classroom equipped with HD screens, robots, 3D printers, party lights and Raspberry Pi visited the campus on Jan.5.

To kick-off their experience, the youngsters sat still and mesmerized as they saw a video that showed them how a dog born with front legs shorter than his back legs was able to run for the first time when he wore prosthetics designed by a 3D printer.

After the video, the students received a crash course on 3D printing.

“This was just a way to promote the STEM activities that are available for pre-kinder children so they can see something very simple become more difficult in design, but yet everything is very doable,” Harlandale ISD Early Childhood Mentor Jeanette Huerta said.
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