Getting your Child to Read

Getting your Child to Read
Posted on 12/20/2018

When kindergarteners are asked what they are most excited about learning in school, almost universally, the answer is “Reading!” Yet by th grade the average student reads less than 4 minutes per day outside of school.  By the end of fourth grade students have spent only 6% of their lives in school.  If they’re going to get good at reading they MUST read outside of the school walls.  Can you imagine if the only time DeMar DeRozan played basketball was at a Spurs game?  He wouldn’t be the highest scoring Spurs player this year.  Neither can our children become star readers when they only read at school.

The way we get good at reading is by reading.  And the way to ensure that students are excited about books is for them to experience enjoyment from books. Over 60% of parents that do read to their children stop reading to them when they learn to read for themselves. Reading to our children often stops  in first grade.  So what we can we do keep our kids to keep reading?

  1. Read to them. Snuggling up with your child and reading with them is an excellent way to demonstrate love!   It’s quality time at it’s finest. If it’s a book that they can continue reading themselves stop at an exciting part of the story..  Ask them if they’d prefer to keep reading on their own or go right to sleep.  Sneaky, right? 
  2. Whenever you can, give them the choice between reading and something that might be less desirable.  Read or go right to sleep?  Read or walk the dog?  Read or mow the lawn?  You get the idea!
  3. No TV’s in the bedroom!  Given the choice between reading or TV, which do you think they will choose?  Children with TV’s in their bedroom watch ninety more minutes daily (ten hours more weekly.)  If a video game is in the bedroom, the child plays thirty-two more minutes daily.  If you’re removing the TV and video games from their room, don’t mention reading as the reason why.
  4. Gift your child with a bedside reading lamp if they don’t already have one.  Make it as easy as possible for them to read.
  5. Don’t forget to visit your child’s library and the public library!  Not sure what to read with your child?  Check out this Annual Report “What Kids are Reading.” 

Read to your kids tonight.  Questions or comments?  Reach out to me at


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