Gilbert Elementary students get active

Gilbert Elementary students took part in the first Saturday event for the Mayor’s Fitness Council held on Sept. 24 at the San Antonio Food Bank.  

Fourth and fifth grade students Ashley Henley, Jacquelyn Gonzales, Joe Vasquez, Alexandra Hernandez and Jacob Hernandez got to try new moves and healthier eating options.  

The team learned basic yoga moves to practice stretching while using different breathing techniques.

They also practiced jump rope in spurts to release pressure and to focus to allow blood flow to the brain and the rest of the body.

The team actually did a "Chop - Chop” Kitchen where they prepared their own tacos and aguas frescas while learning ways to use less sugar and more protein with added colorful veggies.

The students learned about the sugar intake found in sodas, juices and Gatorade, as well as the value of drinking water.

“I learned how we’re supposed to stay fit and eat fruits and vegetables,” Joe said. “We made mango and orange aguas frescas. They have natural sugar so we didn’t have to add sugar.”

Jacob expressed how fun it was to cook while learning interesting facts.

“A kid should only have 11 grams of sugar,” he said with a smile.

Alexandra was happy to participate and added, “We learned how to eat better foods to get a better heart and stay fit.”

Gilbert Elementary will continue its effort to promote health and fitness by hosting a “Walk to School” day next week where students will either have to walk or ride a bike to school – something all students are looking forward to. 

Gilbert Students get active

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