Gillette Elementary closes school year with ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Gillette Elementary closes school year with ‘Beauty and the Beast’
Posted on 06/08/2018

The theatre group at Gillette Elementary School delivered a wonderful performance of the musical “Beauty and the Beast” to celebrate the end of the school year on June 7.

The school’s cafeteria was filled with excitement as students, parents, teachers and administrators enjoyed every student performance.

Gillette ES Academic Dean Julia Gimbel directed the play to provide students a fun learning experience.

“Theatre is a great exposure to literature, and it helps students read and be imaginative,” she said. “I strongly believe the arts improves academic performance and helps build relationships with students. It pushes them out of their comfort zone, to rely on each other and not to give up.”

The entire cast shined on stage capturing the essence of every character, including fifth-grader Lily Obregon as Belle, fifth-grader Ethan Torres as the Beast and fifth-grader George Casarez as Gaston.

The students also delivered beautiful musical numbers acapella, earning a loud standing ovation from the audience.

Way to go, Gillette Spurs!

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