Gillette Elementary hosts Comic Con to promote literacy

Gillette Elementary hosts Comic Con to promote literacy

Gillette Elementary welcomed students and families for a fun Comic Con Reading Night on Oct. 12.

The school was bustling with excitement as students, parents, administrators and teachers dressed up as their favorite comic book superhero or book character such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man, Superman and Spider Man.

Students participated in a variety of hands-on activities in various classrooms and library including a scavenger hunt, a fill in the blank game, biography trivia and more. 

Gillette Elementary Academic Dean Julia Gimbel, who dressed up as Maleficent, helped organize the event to increase parent involvement in reading activities outside of the classroom.  

“Our goal is to partner with parents and inspire a love of reading in children,” Gimbel said. “Parents have a huge impact in their child’s reading achievement because they are their first role models.”

The halls were completely transformed into real-life comic book settings. Students walked through an enchanting forest, a space galaxy and a fictional metropolis, where they were encouraged by their teachers to become “super readers.”

“The gift of literacy unlocks the doors to many things for a child,” Gimbel added. “Each grade level has an Accelerated Reading goal, and we want parents to help their child achieve their goal.”

This night was a huge success, and everyone in attendance received a free comic book and popcorn to take home.

Way to go, Gillette Elementary!


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