HHS staff and students showcase artistic talents

A few years back, Harlandale High School Fine Arts Department Chair Melissa Flores noticed that her campus was brimming with not only talented students, but also talented faculty members.

“Sometimes students think that we just go underneath our desks and fall asleep or something and wake up the next morning at school, so I wanted to show that faculty members have other hobbies and interests,” Flores said.

To do this, she created what is now known as SMASH – Staff and Students Making Art Showcasing Harlandale.

“I wanted it to be more of a community type of event as opposed to just kids, or just choir, or just theatre, I wanted to include everybody and I wanted fine arts to come together so that everybody could see what we were about,” Flores added.

Since the event's inception four years ago, staff members have showcased art pieces, fused glass vessels, danced and acted.

Attendees also got a taste of the Fine Arts and the Film School with presentations from percussionists, the dance team, choir, JROTC, videos from HHS Film School, Art Pieces and even volcano eruptions.

 “I think it went really well, this year I think we had a lot more smiling faces, we had all kinds of excitement,” Flores said. “I’m really pleased with it.”

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