HISD school libraries provide resources for the whole family

HISD school libraries provide resources for the whole family
Posted on 09/07/2018

In Harlandale ISD, you are never far from a library.

Not only do we have the beautiful Mission Library  nearby, but we also have the BiblioTech. The BiblioTech provides access to digital resources that you can access right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  

Did you know that your closest library is probably right at school that your student attends and that you are invited to use it?  

One of the best ways for you to support your child in literacy is making sure that they have access to a variety of books that are of high interest to them! Visit your child’s school library. All of our libraries have extended hours to allow for family access. Hours vary slightly between campuses so check the campus website for specific hours. Create a parent library account and begin checking out books for your family!  Check out books for your children to read to themselves and books for you to read aloud. (Even if you have teenagers!)  Books are available in English and Spanish. We also have magazines!

To see if the library has a specific book before you even get there check out our online Library Catalog, Destiny.  You can search for books and quality websites that can help with school assignments.

The best resource in the library is the librarian! Our librarians are certified teacher-librarians.  They have classroom teaching experience and a library degree. They are information and instructional experts.  Helping others gives librarians a huge sense of satisfaction, so never hesitate to ask the librarian to help you find the right books for your child.

Make a weekly date to visit your school’s library.  It’s a free and easy way to help your student grow.

Questions about Harlandale ISD’s libraries? Contact Lisa Kulka at the Learning Resources Office:  210-989-4345


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