HMS student radiates kindness

HMS student radiates kindness
Posted on 03/10/2017

Harlandale Middle School sixth grade social studies teacher Leora Uribe is stunned by the generosity of one of her students.

Since the beginning of the school year, Justin Menchaca has brought treats, meals and gifts for his classmates on several occasions.

“I’ve never had another student be so generous,” Uribe said. “Justin has done really thoughtful and meaningful things for other students in first period.”

On Valentine’s Day, he brought teddy bears for all the girls in class and on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, he brought a cake that he baked in homage to the Hawaiian Island.

Most recently, he brought his piggy back to school and donated more than $60 to the Pasta for Pennies Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Drive.

The sixth grade student has also provided breakfast tacos and donuts to all the students in his first period class, as well as for the teachers in the sixth grade wing. 

Justin started going the extra mile to be kind in fourth grade after watching inspiring movies with his mom, Barbara Menchaca, who encourages her son to spread kindness and often funds his thoughtful gestures.

“I just want to be kind to everyone, it doesn’t matter to me if I do this and I make friends, or don’t make friends,” Justin said. “The one thing you are going to remember in your life is how kind you were to people, and they’ll remember that too.”

According to Uribe, Justin is also a great student in class.

“I can tell he is motivated and interested in the topic all on his own,” Uribe said. “There was a World War II survivor who spoke at the Pan Am Library after school and he and another student attended that, he asked questions and was a good representative for our campus.”

Justin also likes to bring large scale models of things they are learning about in class made out of legos.

“It feels really good that there is hope for the future, that there is a student with a big heart like that who is willing to do things for other people,” Uribe said. “His motivation in class and motivation to help his fellow students is hopeful for the future.”

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