Harlandale HS helps Make-a-Wish come true

Harlandale HS helps Make-a-Wish come true
Posted on 03/09/2018

Two Harlandale High School students walked the stage in cap and gown to grant their mother’s last wish.   

Harlandale HS parent Guadalupe Casas is battling cancer and in a hospice setting. Her hospice care’s social worker offered her one wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation – the one thing she wanted was to witness her two sons graduate.

That wish became a reality on March 8 when the campus held a private unofficial graduation ceremony for the family. 

Martin Casas, who is on track to officially graduate in June 2018, and Joe Casas, who is a candidate for the graduating Class of 2020, took part in the ceremony.   

Donned in cap and gown, the two students walked in the auditorium to the traditional Pomp and Circumstance. Then, the Harlandale HS JROTC presented the colors and Harlandale HS teacher Sonia Marin sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

Family, close friends, campus administration and staff were on hand to make it a memorable event.

As part of the ceremony, the students presented flowers to their mother and she presented Martin with his senior class ring.

“This is the one thing I wanted to do, to hear my boys graduate,” Guadalupe said.

After the ceremony, a special gathering was held in the student union with cake and balloons.  

Martin thanked everyone for attending and was moved by the momentous occasion.  

“Seeing everyone here really touches my heart, it really does,” Martin said.

His brother echoed his remarks.

“Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting my mom, I know it’s been hard, but thank you for coming and showing your love,” Joe said.

Harlandale HS Hall of Famer Albert Arriaga, who is the uncle to the students, thanked the staff for the wonderful and professional job they did for the family.  


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