Harlandale ISD celebrates Destination College Week

Harlandale ISD joined school districts and universities across the city in celebrating Destination College Week on April 16-20.

San Antonio is one of the top destinations in Texas with more than 150,000 students enrolled in a variety of colleges and universities. Every year, San Antonio takes one week in the spring to celebrate San Antonio as both a college town and a college going town. The goal is to celebrate these students for pursuing a college education.

Throughout the week, the students learned more about how they can achieve their college and career dreams by discussing different careers, college costs, financial aid options and how to prepare for a college interview.

Leal Middle School hosted a weeklong series of events on campus to motivate students to participate in college week such as creating college bulletin boards, college door signs and a fun photo booth. The students also enjoyed learning interesting facts about different college campuses during morning announcements.   

“College is important to me because I feel that if I attend college, I will have a better idea of the path I want to take in life,” eighth-grade student Ashley Espinoza said. “College will help me go through obstacles I have never experienced and will help guide me to a successful future."

Students and staff showed off their school spirit during College T-shirt Day on April 20, wearing their college tees with pride and sharing photos on their social media pages using the #destinationcollege and #collegesigningday.

"It's been my dream to go to UTSA since I was 6 or 7. At the moment, I think I'd like to major in psychology or do some sort of law major to become a private investigator," eighth-grade student Ericka Solis said.

For English Teacher Olivia Robinson, Destination College Week is a great way to open up college discussions and inspire students to start thinking about their future.  

“A higher education will open up so many doors for our students. I know it did for me! College is so much more than just studying - it is a time to grow, break out of your bubble, and do a lot of self-exploration,” Robinson said. “There are so many life lessons that our students can and will learn when they go off to school that will hopefully make them more socially conscious individuals in the future.”

Social Studies Teacher Amanda Garcia agreed and added, “Students need to get excited about pursuing a higher education or developing a valuable trade. Above all, education has been proven to be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Education is power. Plain and simple.”

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