Harlandale ISD honors dedicated parents

Harlandale ISD honors dedicated parents
Posted on 05/09/2019

Harlandale ISD honored all the hard working parents who participated in the ACE and LEAP extended day programs this year with a special VIP (Very Important Parent) celebration at the Sosa Parent Center on May 10.

Each parent received a certificate of appreciation, a gift bag filled with summer family activities and a yard sign to display that they are “Proudly RootEd in Harlandale ISD!”

As part of the ACE and LEAP programs, parents had the opportunity to attend a variety of classes and activities focused on promoting family engagement.

Parent Laura Torres became involved with the programs because she wanted to improve the communication between her and her two sons.

“I want to be involved in as much as I can with them, and this program has allowed me to do that,” Torres said. “I see the rewards when my sons come and give me a hug and kiss, and they’re confident in coming to me when they need to.”

Samantha Gallegos, assistant superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction at Harlandale ISD, thanked all the parents for their involvement and commitment.

“It’s been so exciting to watch our parent programs grow and be able to offer these opportunities to you,” Gallegos told the parents. “I appreciate you being here and being a part of your kids’ education. The most important thing to all of us is our kids, and we’re always going to try to do the right thing for our kids.”

Parents were also invited to participate in family engagement opportunities taking place from June 10 to July 18 at the Sosa Parent Center. Interested parents can call (210) 989-4453.

Congratulations, Harlandale ISD parents!

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