Harlandale ISD hosts Elementary School Chess Tournament

The second annual Elementary School Chess Tournament was held at Carroll Bell Elementary on March 21.

A total of 45 students from third through fifth grade competed in a six round Swiss-style chess tournament in the school’s library.

Eight elementary schools from across the district sent students to represent their campus and compete for first, second and third place medals.

Each campus also had chess sponsors to assist on the tournament floor including Isabel Garza from Bellaire, Joe Barrientes from Carroll Bell, David Cruz and Tatia Allison from Schulze, Michelle Brown and Sandra Silva from Rayburn, Rey Carreron from Morrill, Kelly Anderson from Stonewall Flanders, Desiree Alvarado from Collier and Juan Bazaldua from Gilbert. These sponsors have spent the entire school year getting their students ready for the big day.

Schulze Elementary fifth-grader Justin earned third place with four wins, one draw and one loss (4.5 points).

Carroll Bell fourth-grader Joshua Torres came in second place with four wins, two draws and no losses (5 points.)

Carroll Bell fifth-grader Adam Torres won first place with five wins, one draw and no losses (5.5 points).

In 2nd place with 4 wins, 2 draws, and no losses with 5 points – 4th grader from Carroll Bell, Joshua Torres

In 1st place with 5 wins, 1 draw, and no losses with 5.5 points – 5th grader from Carroll Bell, Adam Torres

Bellaire Elementary’s team took second place earning 14.5 points and Carroll Bell Elementary’s team took first place with 19.5 points.

The team score consists of the cumulative total for the best four players from a campus. The first place team from Carroll Bell was  Adam Torres with 5.5 points, Joshua Torres with 5 points, Lorena Gonzales with 4.5 points and David Torres with 4.5 points for a combined team score of 19.5 points.

The second place team from Bellaire had Jaelyn Anthony with 4.5 points, Joaquin Robledo with 3.5 points, Joseph Veracruz with 3.5 points and Christopher Garza with 3 points for a combined team score of 14.5 points.

A big thank you to Principal Taleen Bloom and the staff of Carroll Bell Elementary for hosting the tournament.



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