Harlandale ISD hosts first annual divisional chess tournament

Harlandale ISD hosts first annual divisional chess tournament
Posted on 03/29/2018

Nearly 70 Harlandale ISD students participated in the District’s first annual divisional chess tournament on March 23.

Elementary students in grades third through fifth participated in a six-round Swiss style tournament hosted in the Bellaire Elementary Library. The 37 players hailed from Bellaire, Schulze, Carroll Bell, Rayburn and Stonewall Flanders.

The middle school and high school tournaments consisted of six rounds of a round-robin tournament in the McCollum HS Main Gym. A total of 16 students from Terrell Wells MS, Kingsborough MS, Leal MS and Harlandale MS participated in the middle school category. In the high school category, a total of 16 students from McCollum MS, Harlandale HS and STEM Early College HS participated in the tournament.

“In the game of chess, the ultimate goal is to win by putting your opponent in checkmate before your time runs out,” Chess Club Sponsor Edmundo Garza said. “You learn from each game that you play no matter the outcome. Chess is a game that teaches sportsmanship because every game begins and ends in a handshake.”

Garza added that the game teaches students how to problem solve through logic and reasoning.

“It only takes a few minutes to learn the moves and a lifetime to master,” he said.

Congratuatlions to the winners!


First place – Adams Torres, 4th grade, Carroll Bell ES

Second Place – Lorena Gonzalez, 4th grade, Carroll Bell ES

Third place – Amanda Ramirez, 5th grade, Rayburn ES

Middle School:

First Place – Matthew Stovall, 8th grade, KMS

Second Place – Gabriel Estrada, 8th grade, TWMS

Third Place – John David Martinez, 8th grade, TWMS

High School:

First Place – Johnathan Guerra , 10th grade, HHS

Second Place – Caleb Lara, 10th grade, HHS 

Third Place – Angeline Macias, 12th grade, STEM ECHS

As first place winners in the middle school and high school category, Matthew and Johnathan played each other in the championship match and after a well-played game, Johnathan won the match and claimed the overall champion trophy.

The second annual secondary schools chess tournament will be held at the McCollum HS Main Gym on May 24. A total of eight students from each middle and high school will be able to compete in a Swiss style tournament of 64 competitors who will be playing for first, second and third place individual trophies and first and second place team trophies.

A big thank you to all of the wonderful chess sponsors for making the tournament a success.


Bellaire - Isabel Garza

Carroll Bell - Joel Barrientes 

Rayburn - Michelle Brown and Sandra Silva

Schulze - David Cruz and Tatia Allison

Stonewall Flanders - Kelly Anderson


HMS - Mark Jabs

KMS - Roberto Castro

TWMS - Raul Villagas

LMS - Robert Grann


MHS - Edmundo Garza

HHS - Billy Logwood

STEM - Lisa Ramirez

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