Harlandale ISD interim superintendent welcomes students back to school

Harlandale ISD interim superintendent welcomes students back to school

Harlandale ISD Interim Superintendent Samantha Gallegos kicked off the 2019-20 school year with plenty of cheers, hugs, high-fives as she toured schools welcoming students and staff back to the classroom on Aug. 26.

Before all of the excitement began, Gallegos started her day by greeting all the district bus drivers at the break of dawn to wish them good luck on their busy morning. She then headed to a nearby bus stop to surprise a few lucky students before they all boarded the bus together.  

Cheers erupted at Wright Elementary when administrators, teachers, Harlandale High School cheerleaders, parents and staff welcomed Gallegos and the students as they exited the school bus.

The new interim superintendent said she always looks forward to this special day.

“It’s exciting and a lot of fun to see the parents and the kids excited about coming back to school,” Gallegos said. “It’s great to see the smiles, the laughter and just see all the teachers and administrators welcoming everybody back to the new school year.”

Wright Elementary Principal Griselda Raley agreed.

“We are so happy to have our superintendent join us here at Wright Elementary. We are all enthusiastic and ready for the first day,” Raley said. “We have been preparing our school all summer to welcome back our students. I hope all of our kids here at Wright Elementary and Harlandale ISD have a wonderful year!”

Gallegos visited several classrooms and even enjoyed a nutritious breakfast with a group of second graders.  

“My favorite part is just being with the kids,” Gallegos added. “I enjoy listening to them talk about what they did over the summer and how excited they are to be back in class.”

For second-grader Victoria Conchas, meeting Gallegos on the first day of school was a fun experience.

“She is so nice,” she said. “I told her I’m excited to learn cursive handwriting and math.”

After leaving Wright Elementary, Gallegos toured classes at Kingsborough Middle School, where she received brief lessons in science and theatre arts. She also surprised students at Frank Tejeda Academy when she participated in fun, engaging activities and joined them for lunch.

Gallegos left the campus, waving goodbye to students and teachers, and wished them a great school year.

The first day of school at Harlandale ISD was a success. More than 14,000 students and their families made their way to Harlandale ISD’s 23 campuses to celebrate #Harlandale2019Day1 by reuniting with friends, meeting new teachers and principals.

A total of 60 school buses transported nearly 2,000 students in the morning, travelling about 3,000 miles.

Harlandale ISD police officers were on hand to assist with traffic and ensure the safety of all students.  

More than 24,200 meals were served during breakfast and lunch – all meeting nutritional standards set by USDA and TDA.

Gallegos is excited for the start of the new school year and reminded everyone that “Together Is Better.”

“Welcome back! We are excited to work with all of you, and I hope you have an exciting and fun school year!” she concluded.

Welcome back, Harlandale ISD Family! Let’s make it a great school year!

Relive the fun-filled first day by visiting the photo gallery on Harlandale ISD’s Facebook page.

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