Harlandale ISD seniors to graduate with lifetime perfect attendance

Harlandale ISD seniors to graduate with lifetime perfect attendance
Posted on 05/31/2019

Two Harlandale ISD seniors will be crossing the stage achieving a rare, incredible feat: lifetime perfect attendance.

Harlandale High School senior Jeremiah Salazar and McCollum High School senior Dylan Gonzalez have not missed a single day of school in their academic careers – a personal goal they both set for themselves at a young age.

For Jeremiah, it was important to follow his older brother’s footsteps and never miss a single day of school – not even kindergarten.

“Sometimes, it was hard. But, it wasn’t always difficult because I had my brother’s example and my family by my side. So, this accomplishment feels amazing,” Jeremiah said.

Dylan credits his mother for helping him achieve his goal, adding that without the early morning wake-up calls, he may not have been so successful.

“My mom has motivated me every day. She would wake me up, even when I didn’t wake up on my own, and bring me to school,” Dylan said. “I feel like I accomplished something big in my life, a big milestone, and I’ll always remember it for the rest of my life.”

Although it was challenging at times, they did not give up.

They both suffered a bone fracture during their first year in high school. Jeremiah broke his pinky, while Dylan fractured his collarbone playing football.

“It took a lot of courage to get up every day and go to school, but I was always motivated to strive to be the best and do better,” Jeremiah said.

Dylan was also determined to continue to go to school.

“I told myself I have to keep going, I’m not going to ruin it now,” Dylan added. “So, I’m happy I was able to do it.”

Both Jeremiah and Dylan hope to keep the streak going in college. They both will attend St. Phillip’s College, where Jeremiah will pursue an aerospace degree and Dylan a radiology degree.

Great job, seniors! You make Harlandale ISD proud.

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