Harlandale Leadership Academy is accepting applications

Harlandale Leadership Academy is accepting applications
Posted on 10/26/2018

Harlandale ISD is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for the Harlandale Leadership Academy (HLA) Cohort III.

The program will provide an interactive system training experience to selected teacher leaders. 

The Academy assists teachers in developing and strengthening effective leadership as they remain a teacher leader or as they transition from preparation to the actual practice of campus administrator.

There will be a maximum of 25 participants from Harlandale selected to participate in the HLA. 

Participants will be selected utilizing a variety of information including an interview. Participants will be given a total of two pull-out days and one “Shadow a Principal for a Day,” for a total of three days.

Harlandale ISD Extended Day Program Facilitator Nicole Garza was a part of the previous cohort and benefitted from the academy in many ways.

“It opened my eyes to the logistical side of Administration in Harlandale ISD,” Garza said. “I also benefitted greatly by being able to meet so many new people throughout the District, which led to new experiences and new opportunities.”

Garza completed a summer internship with the Communications Department and had the opportunity to take some great sessions on coaching and leadership that were useful and practical.

“I think it’s beneficial for one to take advantage of the opportunities Harlandale ISD offers to their staff. I plan to further my career with Harlandale ISD and I believe being a part of this Academy is one-step in the right direction for my personal career goals.” Garza added.

She also enjoyed the schedule of the classes.

“They did not interfere with work nor did it feel like a burden to my life with my work, my second job and personal life,” Garza said. “It was a healthy balance of continued learning for a professional.”

Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. for eight sessions.  The campus principal or designee will serve as a site mentor during the year. The district believes in growing our own leaders and we look forward to the applications!

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