Harlandale Libraries provide tools for English Language Learners

Harlandale Libraries provide tools for English Language Learners
Posted on 10/05/2018

Monthly Column by Coordinator of Libraries and Instructional Materials Lisa Kulka

When I was a kid my family had a set of encyclopedias that came from the grocery store.  

Each week when my mom shopped she could buy one volume of the encyclopedia for 99 cents. It took many months but we ended up with a complete set.

Maybe that’s where my desire to become a librarian began.  My dad and I would play a game where I would open up a random encyclopedia volume (such as the “H” volume), pick a topic (Hoover Dam), and I would ask him to tell me everything he knew about that topic. He was a genius!  (And still is at 80 years old!) I loved those encyclopedias! Nowadays, not many homes have sets of encyclopedias.

But did you know that you have access to a digital encyclopedia that is paid for by our school district?  

Take a few moments to check out Encyclopedia Britannica Online.(Username is: Harlisd.  Check with your student or librarian for the password.)  Access it from any computer, tablet or even your phone.

You can use it for homework and  save articles to the your account for later use. It’s available in 3 levels: elementary, middle and high so that students can work at just the right reading and information level.  It will translate articles into Spanish, but also has a Spanish language version: Enciclopedia Moderna - Britannica.  

Take a moment to check it out!  It’s a valuable learning tool, but there’s fun stuff to do there too.  Play a game with your child and have them quiz you about what you might know about an interesting topic.  

Bonding with your child over an encyclopedia? It worked for me and my dad!

See other digital resources that are available here.

Questions about Harlandale ISD’s libraries? Contact Lisa Kulka: 210-989-4345


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