HISD Libraries prepare students with tech skills

HISD Libraries prepare students with tech skills
Posted on 11/09/2018

Preparing our students to become productive and successful citizens involves a lot of reading and writing and arithmetic!  Preparing them to do it in the 21st century also requires some serious technology skills.

We’re excited to report that all of our K-8 grade students are using digital content from Learning.com as part of their instruction. This content is delivered online through a secure login, so that your student can also access assignments from home.  Children are often eager to show off their new computer skills, so be sure to talk to your child about the new skills they are learning and how they are applying those skills in the classroom.

How to log in at home:

  1. Go to login.learning.com
  2. Enter your student’s ID# in the username field and complete the Password and District fields.
  3. Once signed in, you will see the curriculum items your student’s teacher has assigned in the class assignment list. To access a curriculum item, click on the assignment name.


Technology is changing faster than many of us can keep up with and requires vigilance to stay up to date on the definitions, risks, and resources of the online world.

Netiquette refers to guidelines for acceptable online behavior and communication.

What your Child Should Know:

  • The responsibility of using the Internet and the district’s internet rules. (page 14 of the student handbook.)
  • When people communicate without seeing the other person’s face or hearing their voice, it can be hard to know if they are angry or happy.
  • People use different methods like “emoticons” and typing with all capital letters to communicate emotions.
  • Messages intended to make your child feel bad are unacceptable. Your child should not reply and should show the message to you or another trusted adult, such as a teacher.

These probably seem obvious to us as adults, but they are not to our children.  Take a moment to talk with your child, both about what they are learning through Learning.com and about Netiquette.  Let’s prepare our students for the future and give them the skills to keep them safe!

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