Jewel Wietzel parents visit Alamo Employment Center

Jewel Wietzel parents visit Alamo Employment Center
Posted on 02/08/2019

Jewel Wietzel Center parents and staff recently visited the Alamo Employment Center on South Flores.

During the visit, parents and staff had the opportunity to tour the center and hear about different employment services that are available to young adults with disabilities and their family members. 

In collaboration with Texas Workforce Solutions’ Marissa Garcia, parents were given a presentation describing the importance of work for individuals with disabilities and how the Center and Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS) can help make the dream of employment a possibility for their young adults.

Along with the resources available through TWS, parents were also given a presentation from the Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG) and heard about the programs and services this organization offers to individuals with disabilities. Services included consumer benefits screening, Medicaid waiver programs and assisted residential living.

This is the first year the Jewel Wietzel Center has provided the information session opportunity to its parents and staff and everyone felt the time was very well spent and look forward to continuing this information session.  

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