Leal MS celebrates Halloween with spooky experiments

The sixth grade science team at Leal Middle School presented a Halloween-inspired chemical reaction demonstration for students on Oct. 31.

Giving students a “mad-scientist/lab-like” experience, each teacher demonstrated multiple experiments as students identified whether it was a chemical or physical change.

“This event was planned to help excite students as we close our chemical change unit,” LMS Science Teacher Brittney Ponton said. “Students are so full of energy on this day, so we thought, why not take that excitement and channel it in a positive way?!”

Fun decorations, music and pumpkin slime set the perfect Halloween setting as teachers performed every experiment, including Glow in the Dark Worms, Elephant Toothpaste, Black Snake, Dry Ice Bubble, Disappearing Test Tube, Insta-Snow and Glowing Precipitate.

“Chemical reactions take place every day, for example, when using gasoline to fuel your car or lighting fireworks, reactions even occur when you eat and breathe,” Ponton explained. “So, learning chemical change is important because it happens all around us and even inside of us. It helps us understand the universe and everything within.”

Students had to show cards displaying their answer choice (either chemical or physical) after each demonstration, which was then reviewed with evidence to back it up.

Not only was the event fun and engaging, but it also provided students with a memorable review of these two important topics, which are included in their eighth grade science STAAR.

“The students were very excited and responded positively to each investigation. We hope to have ignited some sparks for the love of science,” Ponton concluded.

 Leal MS celebrates Halloween with spooky experiments

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