MHS hosts second annual Secondary School Chess Tournament

MHS hosts second annual Secondary School Chess Tournament
Posted on 05/25/2018

A total of 58 students from sixth through 12th grade from across the district competed against each other during the second annual Secondary School Chess Tournament held at McCollum High School’s Main Gym on May 24.

The students, representing HISD’s four middle schools and four high schools, battled it out in a Swiss style tournament for six rounds to determine the overall winner.

There were also a few special guests participating from two elementary schools. Rayburn ES fifth grader Amanda Ramirez and Carroll Bell ES fourth graders Adam Torres and Lorena Gonzalez earned the right to compete because they were the top three finishers in the in the Elementary School Chess tournament this past March.

STEM ECHS senior class valedictorian Esmeralda Castillo served as tournament director as she paired students for their rounds throughout the day, ensuring the tournament ran smoothly and efficiently.

Every game began and ended with a handshake and, during the game, they had to play defense and offense while trying to checkmate their opponent before their time ran out.

“All students did a great job, and many got the chance to play students at various levels of experience,” Chess Club Sponsor Edmundo Garza said. “Every game they play, regardless of the outcome, they learn from and each other and apply that knowledge to the next game.”

Jacques Rogers and student volunteers from Communities in Schools at McCollum HS provided snacks for students in between their rounds.

At the end of six rounds, HHS sophomore Johnathan Guerra won first place overall with a record of six wins and no losses. Second place went to STEM ECHS senior Brandon Teneyuca, and third place went to LMS eighth grader Angel Quinones.

Harlandale HS took first place team, and McCollum HS won second place team.

“The tournament was a great success and the chess sponsors from each campus are a large part of that success,” Garza added.

A big thank you to all the chess sponsors: Sandra Silva - Rayburn ES, Joe Barrientes – Carroll Bell ES, Mark Jabs – HMS, Robert Grann – LMS, Jesse Quinones – KMS, Raul Villegas – TWMS, Lisa Ramirez – STEM ECHS,  BIlly Logwood – HHS, and Edmundo Garza – MHS.

Congratulations to all the winners!



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