MHS student completes land stewardship program

MHS student completes land stewardship program
Posted on 05/09/2019

McCollum High School sophomore Elena Garza recently completed a Land Stewardship Ambassadors Program sponsored by The Witte Museum and The East Foundation. The internship took place from Jan. 27 through May 5.  

Elena was one of 15 students from the San Antonio area, and the only one from Harlandale ISD, selected by a committee of Witte and East representatives.

The goal of the program is to increase awareness of land stewardship principles, promote civic engagement in today’s youth, and inspire students to obtain careers that support land stewardship.

According to the Witte Museum, the principals of land stewardship can be applied in both urban and rural settings while students from diverse backgrounds can learn from and inspire one another to think critically about how we care for the land.

As a student ambassador, Elena spent two hours each Sunday afternoon for 10 weeks throughout the spring semester with reading and writing assignments due in each class.

In addition to the Sunday seminars, Elena and the other ambassadors spent one weekend overnight at the Witte Museum, where the group toured the museum and participated in East Foundation Land Stewardship Lab (Land Ethics) activities.

The group also spent one weekend overnight at the San Antonio Viejo Ranch located near Hebbronville, Texas, where the students participated in activities pertaining to the cattle and research programs of the East Foundation. The expedition to the ranch incorporated teambuilding activities along with a wrap-up discussion allowing groups to share with each other their takeaways from the program.

“I enjoyed seeing how people from very different backgrounds were able to come together to discuss such important issues,” Elena said. “This weekend was definitely an eye-opening experience, and throughout the course of the program, I have felt empowered to make evolutionary change.”

Way to go, Elena!

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