MHS students earn UT math credit

MHS students earn UT math credit
Posted on 05/18/2018

A total of 29 students enrolled in the pre-calculus course at McCollum High School have earned three credit-hours in math from The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin).

This pre-calculus course is part of the OnRamps program from UT Austin, which is designed to prepare high school students for college by offering a series of university-level courses in high school.

“We at McCollum, have been fortunate to have the full support of the school and district administration which in turn has allowed us to be highly successful in the implementation of this program,”  OnRamps Pre-Calc teacher Gabriel Renero said. “This year, we again obtained an 85 percent success rate in the students who obtained the UT credit.”

This course is in a dual-enrollment system that allows students to simultaneously register for a high school class and a college-level course.

“The program is designed to bolster and accelerate students' success in college, by providing university-level work that is academically rigorous, enabling them to develop the necessary skills to excel in their future college work,” Renero added.

If needed, the credits can be transferred to any major university in the country in an official UT transcript.

“As we close this year, our students over the last three years have been able to obtain more than 190 semester credit hours from UT Austin that count toward Texas Core Curriculum (TCC) courses,” Renero said. “This represents great saving in time and college costs, but more important have allowed the students to get ready and confident for the level of rigor and commitment required to succeed at any a top level university.”

Congratulations, OnRamps students and Mr. Renero!


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