McCollum HS hosts chess tournament for secondary schools

A total of 50 students from across the Harlndale ISD recently participated in the third annual chess tournament at McCollum High School.

Harlandale MS, Leal MS, Terrell Wells MS, Kingsborough MS, STEM ECHS, Harlandale HS, and McCollum HS all sent teams to represent their campus at the district level chess event. The students competed in a six round Swiss-style chess tournament.

There were also two special guests competing from Carroll Bell Elementary. Fourth-grader Joshua Torres and fifth-grader Adam Torres earned the right to compete against the middle and high school students because they were the top two finishers in the Elementary School Chess Tournament this past March.

“Students learn from every chess game they play regardless of the outcome,” Chess Club Sponsor Edmundo Garza said. “The game of chess helps to develop problem solving, logic and reasoning skills in addition to good sportsmanship as each game begins and ends with a handshake.”

At the end of six rounds of competitive chess, the results were tabulated as students were competing for trophies for the top two teams and trophies for the top three overall individual winners. The team score is calculated from the top four scores from a campus.

The second place team trophy went to McCollum HS with 17 team points from ninth-grader Matthew Stovall (five points), 10th-grader Jacob Ramoz (four points), ninth-grader John David Martinez (four points) and 10th-grader Gage Sanchez (four points).

The first place team trophy went to Harlandale HS with 19 team points from 11th-grader Johnathan Guerra (six points), 11th-grader Caleb Lara (five points), 12th-grader Richard Hernandez III (four points) and ninth-grader Johnathan Wollenzin (four points).

The individual results for the top three spots are as follows:

In third place with a record of five wins and one loss is fifth-grader Adam Torres from Carroll Bell ES.

In second place with a record of five wins and one loss is 11th-grader Caleb Lara from Harlandale HS.

Adam and Caleb both had five points at the end of the tournament; however, Caleb won on tiebreak points. Adam’s only loss was to Caleb Lara in the first round and Caleb’s only loss was to Johnathan Guerra in the sixth and final round.

In first place with a record of six wins and zero losses is 11th-grader Johnathan Guerra from Harlandale HS.

“Johnathan has taken first place at this tournament for the last three years and will be a force to reckon with at any chess tournament,” Garza added.

Honorable mention goes to fourth-grader Joshua Torres from Carroll Bell ES, who earned fourth in the tournament and to ninth-grader Matthew Stovall, who earned fifth place from McCollum HS. Joshua and Matthew also earned five points in the tournament just like Caleb and Adam, but the tiebreak points determine who breaks the tie.

“The tournament was a great success because of all of the help from chess sponsors from each campus. These sponsors help prepare the students for the big event and are instrumental in making sure the tournament runs smoothly as the students transition to the next round,” Garza said.

A big thank you to each of the chess sponsors: Joe Barrientes – Carroll Bell ES, Mark Jabs – Harlandale MS, Robert Grann – Leal MS, Raul Villegas – Terrell Wells MS, Jesse Quintero – Kingsborough MS, Mark Elmer – STEM ECHS and Billy Logwood – Harlandale HS.

In addition, a special thank you to Principal Jacob Garcia and all the faculty and staff of McCollum HS for hosting the district chess tournament for grades 6-12 for the last three years.

Congratulations to all the winners!


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